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Ecommerce websites allows customers to browse through products and make purchase in the convenience of their own by simply sitting at homes. But when it comes to making payments, customers need to know how they can pay for their purchases. Online businesses should allow accepting various forms of payment.

Content:  Generally, when you enter into a store, first you may want to find out if you can pay with your currency. Most of the businesses in the United States accept credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express and many more. Also a lot of local stores receive checks, credit and of course, the dollar as forms of payment. Let’s say if you want to open your business to the global online market, then you have to be ready to accept any form of payment that comes to you that is most convenient for your customers.

Let’s look into some popular forms of payment that you can use for your ecommerce websites.
Credit Cards:  The "plastic" is simply a widely accepted form of payment in USA. It offers convenience to both the customers as well as to the sellers. If you accept credit cards, then you should put a sign in checkout page. However, you should remember that a lot of frauds happen concerning credit cards. Due to the reason, it may possible that you can end up with a large number of charge backs.
To be able to accept credit cards, online businesses should create a merchant account with a certain bank. Then these banks will be the one to process payments between the seller's business and the customer's banks. This type of payment transaction is done by the bank for a certain fee.

Payment via Third Party:

Usually third party payments are P2P or person to person transactions. PayPal is a perfect example of this type of payments. When a customer wants to pay using a third party, it simply clicks on that option in the seller's website. Now the third party then transfers money from the account of the buyer to that of the seller.

Individuals and businesses can open a free PayPal account. They just need to have an email address and a bank account that will be interlinked to their PayPal account. So when an individual's PayPal account runs low on funds, in that case the account holder can just replenish it using his bank account. Many individuals who do online business transactions generally have an account with PayPal or other similar websites.

This form of payment is very convenient to both parties as money can be transferred without the need to disclose any personal or financial information. This transaction happens in real time so sellers can immediately see payments reflected in their accounts. Business owners can select to open a merchant account instead of a personal account.

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