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Advancements made in cloud technology have changed the way IT designers think about compute resources.

For you to be able to design a better application you must know the difference between the physical server and the cloud technology. Physical servers are dependent on the availability of the resource on the installed server, whereas developing an application on cloud has no hassle of hardware updates and resource bursting.

Now that you know the major difference, you must look at the following trends to make sure you create a more self-aware and flexible application on cloud.

1. Hardware Coding
The application program interface is not only used to store or consume data from various web services, like Facebook and Twitter, but is also used to control a hosting infrastructure. Cloud hosting enables the service provider to update, read, create and even delete cloud servers. This is a rather smart way to manage compute resources and bring them on and offline when needed.

2. Having a Service Oriented Architecture
When the typical and unsustainable monolithic application fails to perform, a Service Oriented Architecture comes to the rescue. It enables you to gather tremendous amounts of resources, frameworks and libraries for your assignment and allows you to put aside services with a very limited role.

3. Container-Based Architecture
As discussed earlier, while developing an application using cloud, you need bulk of resources, frame works and libraries to ensure smooth running of your application. Container based architecture is a self enclosed layer of virtualization that holds all the components required to run an application. Combination of Linux containers and Docker (a layer that builds on top of Linux) have been a favorite of many cloud architecture providers.
Docker helps un-packaging, deployment and creation of a container. All you need to do is make a container once and give its access to as many host machines you want to, literally unlimited in number. Once a container is unpackaged, you can connect it directly with a host machine. System deployment and server configuration processes can be simplified upon designing an application with containers.

4. Service Discovery

While designing the application, it is important to ensure that the containers easily connect to different services. A database, for instance, will ensure that the service flows properly. This limits the dependence on IP addresses and domain information; instead, a service discovery allows the application to locate where all the required resources are stored. Service discovery tools like Airbnb and SmartStack make it easy to manage a scattered application.

While you can still create applications through a physical server, doing so will limit the potential of your project. On the other hand, if you develop an application over cloud you can make sure that the design is flexible and lives up to your clients' expectations. The IT industry is fast paced and it is imperative that you keep up to the pace of your competitors.

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